Seamless3d Client Console

The Seamless3d client console is an open source cross platform bare bones chat client that allows the user to log into the seamless3d server and chat to whoever is in the world.
Because of its simplicity it is ideal for testing and for learning how the seamless chat server works.

Download the seamless3d client console and unzip it and go into the folder that contains the seamless3d-client-console.exe and run-client-console.bat files:

To run the client double click the run-client-console.bat file:

Wait for the client to log in and then type and enter your chat:

The seamless3d client takes 4 parameters which are supplied to the application via the bat file or you can supply them manually at the command line.

The 4 parameters are: world url, world title, nickname, and the server's IP

For example:

seamless3d-client-console "My World" visitor

Because the interface is limited to a console there is the problem of loosing your  line your composing if someone else enters a line before you press enter.  This is no major challenge to overcome but it would be less of a bare bones application to create a dedicated interface.

Running The Client on Linux

It probably runs fine on Wine but to run it as a native application on Linux you will have to compile the source code.

Compiling for Linux

The command for the g++ compiler is:

g++ seamless3d-client-console.cpp var.cpp -pthread -o seamless3d_client_console

To run in linux use the command line:

./seamless3d-client-console "My World" visitor

Compiling for Windows

To compile using Visual C++ 2008 simply open the seamless3d-client-console.sln file and select Build -> Build Solution.

To use the POSIX cross platform threads library on windows you will need the POSIX library which can be downloaded from:

Alternatively you can use the native Win32 library by commenting out the line:

#define POSIX 1

You may also need to remove pthreadVC2.lib in your Additional Dependencies.

Running a seamless chat server from your computer.

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