Open Source Seamless 3D Modelling Software 2.168

2010 Dec 10, 06:23 GMT

Version Update Index

Many of the new nurbs control point animation features have now been extended to skinning and poly-morph animation.

Poly-Morph Capture

Just like in nurbs control point animation where you can drag a control point and the anim bar captures it for play back, you can drag a vertex and it will be captured. To see how to use these new features see the YouTube Tutorial: Beginners Skinning & Poly-Morphing Animation Tutorial. Although this video uses poly modeling in the example, poly morphing is not limited to using blue parts, it can also be used with white parts. I have tried to keep the new poly morphing features uniform with the nurbs morphing features but decided it was best to add a button to enable poly-morphing as I felt it would be too easy to unintentionally drag a vertex in anim mode especially if the user is unaware of this new feature.

The morphing nodes can be output to HAnimDisplacer nodes when output to vrml/x3d. When outputting poly morph animation to vrml or x3d make sure genHAnimNodes, genColorIndex and outScriptAsRoutes fields are ticked.

New Visual Clue for the Selected Triangle

2.168 breaks the long tradition of using a red green and blue dot to mark the selected triangle, this visual clue has now been replaced with a triangle made from red, green and blue lines. The red side marks the active edge of the triangle. Functionally itís the same as before so not much has changed. This change bypasses the issue of whether a vertex should be shown as red, green or blue when multiple vertices are selected and when the selected triangle is amongst them.

New Nurbs Patch Show/Hide Features

You can now:

Load Color Code Presets

You can now load the preset color codes by opening Settings (from the F10 menu) and clicking loadColorCodePresets. Note this will cause custom color codes to be lost so use with care.

More Control over Paste and Delete in the Anim Bar

You can now limit the paste to only the morph by holding down the left ALT key while clicking the paste button and to limit the paste to only the rotation/position hold down the left shift key. To limit the paste to the selected part hold down the left control key. The Alt, Shift and control keys work the same way when using the Anim bar's delete button.

2.168 Bug Fixes

2.168 has had a number of bug fixes some of which I must thank griff for reporting and bringing to my attention.

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