Download Seamless3d 3.006

Seamless3d is free open source software available under the MIT licence.

By downloading Seamless3d you agree not to claim damages caused by Seamless3d.

Download one of the following versions:

seamless3d-modeller-setup-3.006.exe (does NOT need .NET 3.5)

seamless3d-modeller-setup-tts-3.006.exe text to speech version (needs .NET 3.5)

Seamless 3d needs DirectX 8.1 or up to work.
DirectX is free to download from Microsoft.

Do not run a media player and Seamless3d at the same time, for more info...

Text To Speech (TTS) Version

The TTS version needs .NET 3.5 installed on your computer or it wont run at all. Even if you only want to use it for modelling it wont run. You do not need the TTS version to chat but you will need the TTS version if you want to hear chat voices.

 .NET 3.5 is free to download from Microsoft.

To install .NET 3.5 you download first the dotnetfx35setup.exe which is 2.8 meg. The installation downloads about 50 meg. It is straight forward to install but takes a while so leave it to do something else.

For documnation on recent versions see version updates.

Download free FFmpeg installer for Seamless3d

Download the source code for Seamless3d

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