TR/Spy.Gen - Trojan FALSE alerts for the NON TTS version by Avira AntiVir

originaly written 2009 Sep 14, 06:54 GMT

updated 2009 Sep 22, 09:01 GMT

The false warnings were stopped for 2.158


The false warning never occured for the TTS version 2.157 simply because it did not use ShellExecute functions. ShellExecute functions are standard Microsoft API functions so AntiVir was at fault. 



Because the non TTS version 2.157 is the only file on my computer that gets this warning and because if I delete the NON TTS exe file and recompile it from scratch AntiVir alerts soon as the file is regenerated, I can only conclude this has to be a false alarm because it is impossible for a program to spontaneously infect itself when no other files are infected.


Seamless3d is not the only program online that gets this false alarm for the TR/Spy.Gen - Trojan by Avira AntiVir as this forum testifies:


Seamless3d is open source code so it is under public scrutiny, this makes the source code an impractical place for hiding Trojans.


So why the false alarms?


There can be many variations of a virus making it impossible to know every single one out there so virus checkers like AntiVir guess from similar but not exact code patterns when operating in a high suspicious mode.

Avira AntiVir acknowledges false warnings will occur.


See: Is It Really a Virus? Get a Second Opinion


Many thanks to the friend who brought my attention to this warning which has allowed me to address it here.





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