Forum Help and Guidlines

If you have used Seamless3d, we would love to hear about your experience and would much appreciate you sharing links to and/or images of your artwork on the forum.

You are welcome to ask any question relating to Seamless3d but do not expect an answer from Thyme unless the question is specific to following a tutorial, as Seamless3d is still in development and therefore if the question relates to something outside a tutorial, the answer is likely to need much more explaining now than they will in the future when more tutorials have been worked through and the software has been further resolved.

Please specify at what stage in a tutorial you encounter your problem. Screenshots and/or videos can greatly speed up the time in guessing what the problem is.

If you answer questions on the forum your time and effort will be much appreciated.

You are welcome to suggest features for Seamless3d but please understand Seamless3d is not design by committee software, it is being developed by Thyme to suit his needs and he is sharing it with anyone who wishes to use the software he uses to make 3d images, 3d animated movies and real time 3d animations.

Seamless3d is open source software under the MIT licence, so anyone with C++ programming skills is free to change the software however they wish without any copyleft restrictions.

The forum utilizes gravitar but you do not need a gravar account to post messages.

The forum recognizes the following smilies: :) ;) :D :o :p :X :(

By including your email address, you will also be placed on Thyme's mailing list. You need include only your name and email address if you merely wish to be on Thyme's mailing list.

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