Creating a Sound Track Tutorial for 2.123

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Creating a Sound Track Tutorial for 2.123

Postby thyme » 16 Nov 2007, 16:15

Dear Seamless Friends :D

Both the French and English versions for Seamless3d 2.123 are available for download from:

2.123 has 6 new nodes designed for the purpose of creating high quality sound tracks.
To see how to use these nodes please see my tutorial Creating a Sound Track:

2.123 has had a number of bugs fixed and also a number of improvements have been made.
I have made it so seamless can output a POV-Ray movie for an Anim node by right clicking on the Anim node in the scene tree.
For well over a decade I have wanted to make a 3d animated move using povray and now with the popularity of 3d animated movies featuring in you tube I see a great opportunity.

2.123 completes my 4th priority for the year by adding a set of Bezier nodes to match the Elliptical set.
Months ago I would have expected the main focus for this version to be on these new Bezier nodes, however, although these new Bezier nodes make seamless easier than ever before to create smooth high quality avatars, there is doubt about the future of these nodes because of yet newer nodes being developed that may be even simpler to use.
Since 2.122 I have played about with Bezier Patches which seemed like a logical evolutionary step for Seamless and progressed onto Rational Bezier Patches and NURBS and then Polygon Subdivision.
I really wanted to write a demo this year to show how to make an avatar using seamless build nodes but I feel now more time is needed to test out the new methods.

Many thanks to Mutant for helping me find Audacity and Anvil Studio and many thanks to Alain and Lilly for their help and support in this project :P
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Postby Lilly » 17 Nov 2007, 10:30

Bonjour thyme
merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux travail
encore une fois
Seamless est vraiment un très beau jouet !
wow !
je vais examiner tout cela...
de quoi beaucoup se distraire en créant de quoi en étonner plus d'un !
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Re: Creating a Sound Track Tutorial for 2.123

Postby thyme » 14 Feb 2008, 23:49

Matthieu has very kindly translated to French my tutorial that shows how to synthesize sounds using seamless's NURBS based soundtrack nodes: ... _fran.html

In case you don't already know about Matthieu's other seamless French translations, please check out his long list:

Many thanks Matthieu :mrgreen:
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