Thyme's 2010 Birthday Party on YouTube Narrated

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Thyme's 2010 Birthday Party on YouTube Narrated

Postby thyme » 03 Mar 2010, 09:25

Please watch in High Definition!
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Re: Thyme's 2010 Birthday Party on YouTube Narrated

Postby Alain » 03 Mar 2010, 17:59

LOOOOOOL !!!!! wonderfull !!!

Many thanx !
I am very happy to have you and your voice in fullscreen here at home !! :)

I am not good at hearing english , but the text helped me ,
- I know nothing about youtube ,
it seems that they increased their stuff ,
I discovered too where is the HD choice , thanx too .

Well it is a great pleasure and fun to hear your jokes , dear Thyme ,
especially dor me - and my wife - about "but he is french , he can do that " ahahaha

etc :)

I tried to take pics but it is not easy at night ,
just to tell you that you were at (my) home in France LOL



Please watch in High Definition!


Hello I'm thyme from techuelife island.
Here are some photos taken of my 2010 birthday party.
Here I am approaching the party in my blue and white spotted suit.
You can see many are in the uniform of the organization run by tutancamon that plans to take over the internet
and you can see Alain in his bee suit spreading the anarchist message, be an an individual, dont wear a uniform to be

accepted and to hell with the establishment!
Just the sort of opposing views you need need at a party to keep a party lively.

Here we can see seamless pioneer Miranda wearing her famous red Brazilian outfit
which she designed and made herself using Seamless3d.
The reason you can see two of her is because there was a lot of crashing going on to begin
with as a result of people changing out of their uniforms into original avatars.
The problem was many did not know what url to paste in where, if you specify an avatar that does not exists or does not

everyone will crash in the world you join and thats why you can see two of Miranda, one is her and one is a ghost left

behind from a previous crash.
It was reassuring to see the crashes stop hours before the party ended
which suggests seamless chat is stable when everyone knows what to do and when you have a reliable server like Alain's

server operating.

The black cat that looks like a silhouette is Jordi's avatar
and the faun colored Japanese style cat is nontiti's avatar which he made using flux studio.

Of course a seamless party is not complete without the fashion.
Here we have a good shot of dajamma wearing grey trousers with a matching bikini top
and tournesol showcasing my white bikini and that's Gil the B in the green nurby outfit.

Here Alain is leaving the party, he says bisous to everyone,
now you might think its a bit strange he kisses everyone but he's French! he can do that.

I am very sorry for giving such short notice to everyone
but I did not start making the world for the party until 1 day before and did not get a chance to upload it until after the

party had began,
so I was that short of thyme.

Many thanks to Miranda for sending out invites before I sent out any myself
and many thanks to

Gil the B,
and last but certainly not least, PaganFire for being there and making the party happen.

Apologies for my mispronunciations of names,
and apologies to hermie and anyone else who missed the invite in time.
Perhaps next year I will be a bit more prepared but don't count on it.
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Re: Thyme's 2010 Birthday Party on YouTube Narrated

Postby thyme » 03 Mar 2010, 19:14

Thanks Alain for this photo of your computer in France it makes me feel we are not so far apart in the world :D
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