Win98 Black Icon bug fixed for 2.100

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Win98 Black Icon bug fixed for 2.100

Postby thyme » 25 May 2006, 23:07

Thanks to Miriam, by sending me pictures from her computer showing all icons being painted black in Seamless's GUI I have learnt all win98 systems have had this bug for a number of months I must also thank Donald too because he sent a picture much the same at the end of last year but I had hoped that the new GUI would have solved this and because others were using Seamless with Win98 I did not think everyone was getting the same problem but now I think they were if they were using any of the recent versions.
Other win98 and a few minor non win98 bugs have been fixed for 2.100
2.100 marks a 100 official uploads of seamless II however there have been many more non official uploads since 2.000
In the process of fixing a timing issue related to win98 I have added a little delay at the end of a mouse move operation before it clicks which I think makes the robot demos more humanlike and easier to see what's going on.
I much want to add sounds to the robot to assist the user but this has been put on hold until I add sound for seamless

best wishes all

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Postby Alain » 26 May 2006, 06:12

OOooooooooo you know a Miriam and you said nothing to us !!
Your are a bad boy , Thyme ..
Never heard of this work there , may be my alzeihmer ......

well I wanted to tell you too , about the icons , but you know , I had to clean my puter from many viruses etc , now it is better but My Internet Explorer is still bad , for instance , it doesn't show *.png ! LOL
so when I have many in a page ....I use Firefox ! LOL

for instance for your page output
( indeed all your images are png , so I always go to your "home" with Firefox ,
it is like to get the right horse to make the right trip , lol


iso I was not sure if it was my puter or your seamless !
and it was your seamless ! no icons , just blacks holes ! you bad boy twice ! ahahahahhahah !!!!!!!


all is OK , now , thanx Miriam ( enchanté de vous connaître : )

so :
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Postby thyme » 26 May 2006, 22:26

Hehehehe Alain Its very nice of you to protect my feelings by not telling me how ugly seamless looked on your computer :)

Miriam goes back to the beginning of VRML, long before you and me existed in bxx Alain :)
Actually I did mention Miriam before back in June 2004 on the topic "Homing In On Realistic Proportions" from the old proboards forum: ... 1102142313

(In my reply post)

This was nearly 2 years ago already! this was before I had developed Sophie's nice face.

You can see from this posting she influenced the development of Seamless3d. (The adding of the ignoreWireFrame field)
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