2.145 Utilises DEP Security Feature

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2.145 Utilises DEP Security Feature

Postby thyme » 23 Feb 2009, 00:46

In a nutshell, with 2.145 you can now enable DEP (which offers greater security) and run seamless scripts.

You can download 2.145 from the download page:


Previous versions of Seamless3d were prevented from running scripts by computers that had DEP (Data Execution Protection) enabled if the computer supported DEP.
I became aware of this issue thanks to Peter testing the 2.143 TTS which needed .NET 3.5 installed. Peter was getting DEP message whenever a gesture (that ran a script) was triggered.
Because Peter use to be able to run scripts before he installed .NET 3.5, it would seem installing .NET 3.5 enables DEP.
2.145 authorizes the execution of code compiled from the script compiler and therefore DEP no longer prevents scripts from running.
Code authorized to execute is write protected which makes it hard for a virus to get the upper hand.

Please note DEP will not offer any extra security for old computers that don't support DEP but you will be no worse off than before, 2.145 will still run.

Bug fixes for 2.145:
A bug that prevented the music alarm from working when a visitor enters seamless chat under certain circumstances has been fixed.
A bug that crept into previous versions that caused VRML Box nodes to be rendered incorrectly has been fixed.

The seamless chat server is running most of the time now :)

Many thanks to Peter, Fabricator and Dajamma for the tests they carried out and their helpful feedback.
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Re: 2.145 Utilizes DEP Security Feature

Postby fabricator » 23 Feb 2009, 01:25

For those that don't know DEP is a feature added to most 64 bit CPU's even if you are using a 32 bit version of Windows. It basicly prevents out of control programs from doing damage to others.
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Re: 2.145 Utilises DEP Security Feature

Postby Alain » 23 Feb 2009, 07:01

thyme wrote:
The seamless chat server is running most of the time now :)

That gave me the idea to add the "worlds_open.php" page here , in an iframe and not only a link , as it was

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