ColorSweep Plugin Additions & ZoneAlarm Harmony for 2.147

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ColorSweep Plugin Additions & ZoneAlarm Harmony for 2.147

Postby thyme » 26 Mar 2009, 08:17

Open Source Seamless3d 2.147 can be downloaded from:

I have made it so that a ColorSweep can now be plugged directly into the following nodes:

  • SphereBuild
  • CylinderBuild
  • ConeBuild
  • TorusBuild
  • BezierLatheBuild
  • BoxBuild
  • RectangleBuild
  • NurbsLathe
  • BendyLathe
Same as when a TextureMapper is plugged directly into any of these nodes, the ColorSweep colors the poly map (when the triangles are at the flat stage), so this is different to plugging a ColorSweep in as a sibling of the build node which colors the shape after it has been formed.

The following image shows some examples of how coloring the vertices at the flat stage can be taken advantage of:

By thymefromti

Because these nodes now color the poly map internally when no external ColorSweep is specified, a bug that could cause vertices to miss being colored when a shape was scaled has been bypassed.

ZoneAlarm Prevented from Crashing Seamless3d when worldList is Opened

I had a report that Seamless3d would crash when opening the worldList when ZoneAlarm was installed.
So I installed ZoneAlarm and traced the problem back to this happening when Seamless3d sends a HTTP GET message to the Seamless3d server.

Because this message is only between the Seamless3d server and the client it should not matter what protocol is used but apparently the ZoneAlarm Firewall recognizes the HTTP message and then gets stuck trying to interpret it.

By adding the missing piece of protocol to the GET message for 2.147, ZoneAlarm is not troubled.

I had another report that Seamless3d would show a blank worldList page when used in Windows 7. I am hopeful this problem is related and also solved in 2.147
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Re: ColorSweep Plugin Additions & ZoneAlarm Harmony for 2.147

Postby thyme » 28 Mar 2009, 20:03

Nice Rainbow font Alain
Thanks much for testing out the new feature my friend :)

Last Week Miranda was experiencing missing sentences from time to time in seamless chat.
Later I noticed this happened to me too and have now found the cause and fixed it.
It would seem this problem was related to both the server (which is fixed for 2.147 and available for download) and client but just fixing the server seems to have solved the problem so I wont upload a new client just yet.
The server and client seem very stable & reliable for me now, certainly more than Blaxxun chat was but it seems there are still some issues related to 64 bit machines and DEP and the problem with windows 7 world list has not gone away.

I will be in seamless chat at the usual weekly time this Saturday 20:00 GMT (about the time of posting this message)
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