Chat Word Wrap, Highlight & Search & Linux Server for 2.148

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Chat Word Wrap, Highlight & Search & Linux Server for 2.148

Postby thyme » 25 Apr 2009, 20:46

Open Source Seamless3d 2.148 can be downloaded from:

Features for 2.148

Word Wrap
Text no longer goes off the edge of the chat window if the window is too short.

Selecting sent chat text
The chat in the sent panel can now by highlighted by dragging with a mouse or by double clicking on any single word.

Right click menu for clipboard cut, copy & paste
Standard short cut keys for Copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl V) have long been supported in seamless but many don't know about them because most intuitively use right click for this.
In addition to copy and paste now cut also has been added including the short cut key for cut (Ctrl X)

Search for words in a search engine such as Google, Wikipedia or YouTube
Because I spend a lot of time searching for words in Google, Wikipedia and YouTube while chatting I decided to add a feature to make this easier. Now all you have to do is highlight a word or (or a number of words) directly from the chat, right click and select from your search engine for the task.

I have made it so other search engines can be used. For example if you wanted to change Google for yahoo open the settings control panel and replace the Google string for:


Open default browser.
Now when Seamless3d opens a file in a general web browser it open's the file in your default web browser instead of being restricted to Internet Explorer.

Linux Server
It has been months since I had the server running on Linux but it was not as stable as the windows version.
The windows and Linux versions use the same source code files and there is now less difference than ever between the two.
By developing a single threaded version of the server for 2.148 it has proven to be much more stable for Linux.
The server has been running on Linux continuously for now over 8 days and 11 hours and counting.

Before this time it had not knowingly crashed for about a week of running so adding this time on would add up to over 2 weeks :)

Single threaded Client for stability

Because of the stability achieved by making the server single threaded I have also made the client single threaded too.

Many thanks to fabricator for pointing out the issue faced with very long words and nontiti for finding a bug (now fixed) before this announcement :D
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Re: Chat Word Wrap, Highlight & Search & Linux Server for 2.148

Postby thyme » 02 May 2009, 20:54

I have uploaded 2.149
2.149 is identical to 2.148 except I have fixed the right drag (to orientate) bug that shows up when in chat mode and I have made 2.149 send a message every 5 minutes when in chat mode if idle.
The idea of this message was for keeping the connection to the seamless server working as it was noticed a connection would soon stop working if there was no activity for quite a short period of time.
I have also noticed just leaving MSN helps keep the a connection alive yet seamless does not use MSN so this is odd, my theory is MSN helps by simply keeping something under the bonnet related to sockets busy. (Use it or loose it)
If anyone has some understanding of why a socket should stop functioning after being idle for a short time and knows of any solution I would much appreciate hearing from you :)
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Re: Chat Word Wrap, Highlight & Search & Linux Server for 2.148

Postby fabricator » 16 May 2009, 03:48

Bug I noticed in this version, also in 2.150 and who know what else:

1. open chat in seamless3d using Open Web button
2. find Open File button is disabled

Also I get this error whenever I open Seamless3d after closing a chat session (closing program).
Seamless3d previously exited unexpectedly.
Do you wish to recover your unsaved work ?
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Re: Chat Word Wrap, Highlight & Search & Linux Server for 2.148

Postby thyme » 18 May 2009, 04:47

Hi fab thanks for your feedback.

I can't remember exactly what I disabled for chat mode but I know I disabled many features to be safe as I was not sure what exactly was causing some of the problems when in chat mode and most modelling features are not needed while chatting the way things are.
Not so long ago it was a one way ticket once you were in chat mode, you had to close seamless to go to another world or you would leave a ghost behind. It is no longer this raw but to do modeling after chat you still need to close seamless down and reopen it. For software on the bleeding edge its often wise to reset the application after a rare and major operation has been performed to avoid unknown scenarios.
Seamless3d should however at least let you save a file if the WorldInfo node is set to allow for this.

This message "Seamless3d previously exited unexpectedly" results from a feature bumpy added some time ago to make recovering a file from a crash easier than fishing for it out of the undoCache folder, however it was left with a few side affects like stating this message when its not always true and seamless chat I think makes it always happen :oops:
You can prevent this message by deleting the .bak file (located in the same location as the smls file) but I typically just ignore this message.
Because this feature was added by bumpy (code i am not familiar with) as a quick and dirty "add on" rather than being integrated into the system (I have much of the infra structure already for this but its not being utilized) I rather wait until I have time to rewite it. It's not a serious bug apart from crying wolf and scaring newbies away. Because I have some features I started last year that I am dying to resume work on I will just have to live with this embaracement for the time being :oops:
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