What I believe to be Important

People don't seem to naturally be critical thinkers. I often notice people seemingly unaware contradicting themselves and what they stress to be important changes from day to day. This can make it hard to know what exactly people stand for. This list is an attempt to nail down where I stand. I encourage others who feel they can handle their beliefs being made public to do the same and not be worried by those who ridicule you who are not prepared to make their own beliefs open to ridicule. I expect this list to be updated over time so I will keep all significant updates archived for the record.

Last updated 11th of August 2020

1/ The world would be a better place if people cared more about logical consistency.

2/ Allowing reason to flourish is preferable to indoctrinating people with what to think.

3/ Feelings and emotions are the motive for all our reasoning.

4/ Don't get angry with someone because they are not as enlightened as your self.

5/ No one should be intimidated for speaking their mind.

6/ Anger, hatred and revenge diminishes rational and critical thinking.

7/ The need for leadership needs to be questioned more.

8/ War crimes backed by politicians should not be ignored to increase their electaterbility over politicians you believe to be worse.

9/ All people should have equal rights.

10/ More research should be spent on Artificial Intelligence to aid rational debate and speedily pinpoint contradictions in political arguments.

11/ Much more should be done to avoid Nuclear War by making everyone not feel threatened.

12/ More money should be spent on researching how to stop the aging process as this will result in billions of lives being saved.

13/ Question the news narrative or don't bother to watch, listen or read it.

14/ When debating issues it is important definitions of words are clarified.

15/ Someone is not something just because they say they are.

16/ Transparency is essential for science and democracy.

17/ Your happiness is important.

18/ Don't leave the killing to the experts.

19/ Avoid condescending remarks

20/ The angriest and loudest are not necessarily making the most important arguments to be heard

21/ Votes should not be bought

22/ Labeling someone an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist generally makes for a bad argument.