Selecting & Manipulating NURBS Control Rings

Although a ring of control points can be selected using the rectangle selection tool, it can be much easier to select rings using selectRing and selectRings modes. To put seamless into selectRing/selectRings mode, press Control T to open the Control Point Selection control panel and click the selectRing/selectRings field.

When selectRing is ticked a ring can be selected by clicking on just one of the control points in the ring. More rings can be selected without loosing what has already been selected by toggling into accumulate selection mode.

When selectRings is ticked, seamless behaves the same as when selectRing is ticked except all the rings to the patch’s north pole will also be selected.

North & South Poles

To know which is the patch’s north pole and which is the patches south pole, just click on a control point at one end of the patch and look at the control point’s index number in the patch’s control panel. If the index is low your at the south pole and if high your at the north pole.

Twisting Selected Rings

Twisting selected rings is different to rotating them because when you twist, each ring will rotate around its own centre and the orientation of the twist is determined by the ring not the view angle. To twist, hold down the right alt key while dragging the rotation lever.

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