Following a Curvy NURBS Path for Animation

This tutorial shows how you can define a path for a part to travel along for animation using a NURBS curve. This is good for animating objects like cars, trains, aeroplanes etc. and for animating IK control points. One of the interesting things about this kind of animation, is you can modify your animation while the anim bar is playing.
The nurbs curve is specified by the NurbsTrack node. The easist way to add a NurbsTrack is to add a PosionInterpolator as shown in the tutorial: Beeline to Animation (when you drag the position of a part in anim mode a PositionInterpolator is automatically added to the Anim bar) and then convert the PositionInterpolator to a NurbsTrack by right clicking on the node and selecting convert to NurbsTrack.

Same as with a NurbsLathe, new control points can be inserted by holding down the right control key while clicking on the line between 2 control points..

A control point can be deleted by clicking on the control point and pressing the delete key.

The selected control point can be made to start a new curve by right clicking on the NurbsTrack node in the scene tree and selecting new curve segment.

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