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Hello everyone.

I am new to Seamless3d and am still at the stage of learning the many
features and functions.

Currently i am trying to make a movie from screenshots using Seamless3d 3.003,
Ffmpeg SVN-r22716 and a .smls avatar file from the seamless3d home site.
But i am having the problem that Seamless3d crashes when i press the
output screenshot movie button. On two occasions seamless3d did not crash
and i got the expected movie file and sequentially numbered screenshots.

I have found that if i do not select the movie output type and just press make
movie from screenshots i get a nice set of sequentially numbered screenshots
every time without problem apart from the animation sometimes seizing whilst
the screenshots are being taken.

So i would like to ask if others have had Seamless3d crash in the same
situation or if i could be doing something wrong or if my computer may not be
up to the task. Your help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

I should add that i have been following the tutorial 'Making 3d animated movies
suitable for youtube tutorial' and that i do not have a media player running
when Seamless3d is running.

Squiggly - 2015-07-28 19:45:40

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Hi Squiggly. I am very sorry for all the crashes, I know what a pain they can be. My time developing Seamless 3 so far has concentrated on making the modelling very easy for anyone to do. I was hoping by now I would have been able to move on to updating the animation and other essential stuff for making movies but sadly my time is still being consumed rewriting some of the nurbs stitching code which I see as the most important thing right now. This is why I have not yet written or updated any tutorials on animation for seamless 3. Many of the old seamless 2 files will load in seamless 3 and still animate but problems are likely to arise when you start clicking on different things. I am hopeful I will soon be able to iron out the animation for seamless 3. This should not take any where near as much of my time as most of this has already been worked out. I just need some time to be able to properly go over the animation stuff. Best wishes.

thyme - 2015-08-05 22:56:02 in reply to Squiggly 2015-07-28 19:45:40

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