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1. I cna't seem to ge rid of the nurbs control points when I am finished making the shape. How is that done? 2. I choose export to obj and then nothing hapens. How to export to obj?

joe - 2016-12-23 10:45:50

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Hi Joe
To export a 3d model from Seamless3d to an obj file, you must select export->obj from the file menu. The generated obj file will be contained in the same folder as the smls file and will have the same file name as the smls file except the file extension will be .obj
The obj file will not contain any nurbs patches or colours, just polygons. You will need a different program such as meshlab or 3d builder to open the obj file directly.

thyme - 2016-12-24 07:55:16 in reply to joe 2016-12-23 10:45:50

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I went through a long period of programming splines and appreciate what you are doing here. Your idea to make it as simple as possible appeals to me, but I am not having much success (age?) getting to color any of the surface. It stays silver gray.
Could you tell me how to make the paint brush and color pallet actively let me brush the surface to make a color appear? No matter what I choose it stays silver gray. I am missing some sequence of steps.
By the way, I did successfully export the obj/mtl and I can manipulate them in a simple threejs program I wrote. Not bad at all. Thanks for your help. Now if I can color stuff this would be a very handy program for my students to make odds and ends for their 3d programs.

joe - 2016-12-24 21:26:58 in reply to thyme 2016-12-24 07:55:16

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I don’t yet have any tutorials showing how to paint objects in seamless 3 but I very much hope this will soon change. I have the latest version just ready to upload, I was hoping to upload it before the new year but I am finding it hard right now just to get a few hours to document the changes before I upload it, so I may go a few days into the new year but this delay should be a matter of days not months.

A quick set of instructions for how to colour objects:
Put seamless in colour mode by clicking on the paint mode button (located in the top bar). This button looks like a tube of paint.
Click on the brush button to use the paint brush tool.
Colour the geometry with the brush by dragging the mouse over the object.
Select the colours using the colour picker.
You can adjust the radius of the brush (as indicated by the circle around the mouse pointer) by holding down the control key while moving the mouse wheel.
You may need to zoom out to be able to see the circle if you are up close to the object and your brush is set to a big radius.

Note: Seamless will only paint the part that is selected in the scene tree window but this should not be an issue unless you have more than one part node that can be selected.

thyme - 2016-12-27 22:48:17 in reply to joe 2016-12-24 21:26:58

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