What are the underlying rules behind placing a control line?

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I've spent a couple of days immersed in Seamless3D and I've gotten the impression that "control lines" cannot be drawn arbitrarily, but are instead placed by some "rules."

For example, starting with the patch file from the Human Head in 30 sec tutorial, and attempting to add a control line on the front face, I notice that if I pick a point along any ray, the resultant control line is a ring, no matter which ray I pick.

However, if I pick a point along a (circumferential) segment, I notice that the control line is a "Vee" of varying angle, depending on which segment I pick, even though all the segments on a circumference appear to have identical properties.

What I'm saying, I think, is that if I understood the rules for how control lines are placed, I could then, possibly, develop a model by working with control lines instead of nodes.

It is also possible that the rules guiding control lines will prove too simplistic or restrictive for this approach, but even so, an understanding of how they're generated would inform the use of the tool.

Thank you.

Jacksson - 2017-10-06 12:36:00

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