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Ruturaj Desai Follow Ultra Modern 3D Home Exterior Design

Ultra Modern 3D Home Exterior Design

Ultra Modern Home Exterior Design Chicago, Our Architectural Design Studio has a unique collection of Stylish Exterior Design Ideas for your Home. We are expert in 3D Architectural design, 3d Exterior Modeling, Architectural Visualization.
Yantram Exterior design Studio provides you an ideas to decorate you modern house which makes you feel of cool modern house.

Check out here:

Yantram Studio - 2017-07-22 07:54:10

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3D Conceptual Home Floor Plan

3D Luxury Floor Plan Design Rendering For Home

Collection of modern ideas for Floor plan and Exterior House renderings, See at all areas of floor plan and exterior, how detailed they are! Floor plan contains, living room, dining room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Patio, Underground Parking, Garden, Study room, Theater room, Gym, Media Room, winery etc. From this you can get ideas to decorate your interior and exterior of your home in better way.

Yantram Studio - 2017-06-29 11:46:16

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VrRunIT - A Full service real estate digital interactive marketing media agency

Revolutionising Virtual Reality Real Estate

VRRunit has in-house expertise and have taken a very early initiative to implement VR, for the real estate sector. We cater to the tycoons of the real estate world offering them different solutions for successful implementation and sales.

Neha Patel - 2017-05-16 05:59:09

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New version Seamless3D

Hi Thyme

It has been a long time since we did not heard from you. And I got really impressed when I came here to your forum and realized that you actually updated Seamless3D to a new version.

And, by the way, the new head looks sooo much improved from your previous ones Happy ... I think it has something to do with the new additions/improvements done to the software (besides the time you had invested doing things with it)

Congratulations really. You are a persistent person, and very organized I believe. And that is a good thing!

Best regards

Carlos - 2017-02-19 02:33:13

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Seamless3d 3.004 Ready for download

Sorry, I had planned to upload at the end of December but until you make a list of all the important things worth noting over the last 2 years you don’t realise just how many issues have been addressed.

To help explain some of the new features I decided I might as well write some short tutorials which ended up being much better than is possible with a few hours investment which delayed things further but I am glad I took the extra time to do this.

There are still a number of bugs I very much want to fix but because this version has significant improvements, it seems a good idea to upload what I have now for the new year.

thyme - 2017-01-25 18:56:29

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Hello Thyme

Hiya! Glad to see you are still developing Seamless3D. Will try to catch you online sometime. Having a few issues with the latest build, but I am sure it will all get sorted out.

Qbert - 2017-01-14 23:37:49

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exporting nurbs shape to obj

1. I cna't seem to ge rid of the nurbs control points when I am finished making the shape. How is that done? 2. I choose export to obj and then nothing hapens. How to export to obj?

joe - 2016-12-23 10:45:50

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Stuck at the first step - HELP!!!

Most likely it's just me, so pull my leg as much as you wish, but please TELL ME HOW TO GET STARTED!
I downloaded Seamless3D, installed it (on WinXP) smoothly, run it and... nothing.
A window full of interesting icons to perform quite intuitive functions, but I couldn't find a way to start a new job. I looked for a hint in the tutorials but those I found seemed to start a few steps above my level - I couldn't even locate the "start new smls" button!
And I'm supposed to be a 10-years 3D veteran...
I'm running (so to speak) ver. 3.003 - can it be the wrong one?

Chiron - 2016-07-21 18:39:14

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3D Walk-Through Animation for Beach House

Exterior Beach House

Take a 3D Virtual Tour/ Walk through Animation of the Beach House in USA - The Perfect Home Interior - Exterior for you. Yantram 3D Visualization & 3D Rendering Studio have Expertise in Architectural Animation, Virtual Tour, Interior - exterior Design and Landscape scenes. We design presentations for Advertising, Real Estate, Property Development, consultant.
Our role in this project is to create 3D Architectural Model and Provide 3D Interior and Exterior views with Walk-Through and Fly-Through at Beach House.

For more information, please visit us at

Yantram Studio - 2016-04-18 08:09:14

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3D Interior Rendering Walk-Through Animation

Beautiful Bar Interior Design

This 3D Interior Animation (Interior Virtual Tour) was produced in 3D Studio Max and rendered with Vray with a quick edit in Adobe Photoshop. Yantram Studio providing 3D Interior Design Rendering, CGI Design, Interior Visualization, Architectural Design Services Locally and Internationally. Visualize your interior with us.

Our 3D Interior Design Walk-Through Animation of 1541 Bed hospital located in New Haven, Connecticut. It is owned and operated by the Yale New Haven Health System, Inc.

View more:

Yantram Studio - 2016-03-15 08:02:02

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Does OBJ export support animations?

I'm looking at an easy modeller/animator to get models into unity. Does the obj format export the animations as well as the model please?

Pencil - 2016-01-20 12:22:04

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Hey guys-

Just downloaded Seamless 3D again and have some questions:

Is is possible to import characters and clothing and dress my characters using Seamless?? Asking because I am making a 3D animation film that takes place in the mid to late 1960s. It's a film about the life of Jim Morrison {of the Doors}. So I need to be very accurate. Been using both Mixamo Fuse and Autodesk character generator to create the characters. But here is the clincher. Part of this film takes place between 1947-49 and 1960. And I'm having a heck of a time finding things that should be pretty basic. For instance a nurse uniform from the 1940s. A nun's habit {neither Fuse or Character Generator have either}. A policeman's uniform with hat {Fuse has it, Character Generator doesn't}. A plaid jumper dress {neither of them have this}. Olive drabs {Autodesk has them and Fuse doesn't}, housedress {neither of them have that} etc etc etc etc...I know that most of you are prbly shhoting for the ultra-modern and unreal. But is this possible??

PS: Attached is a photo of a vintage housedress from the 1940s to 50s. For clothing from the 1940s to 1960 check out the old "Dennis The Menace" TV show...the live version with Jay North.

Raven - 2015-11-05 23:20:16

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Hey guys-

Just downloaded Seamless 3D again and have some questions:

Is is possible to import characters and clothing and dress my characters using Seamless?? Asking because I am making a 3D animation film that takes place in the mid to late 1960s. It's a film about the life of Jim Morrison {of the Doors}. So I need to be very accurate. Been using both Mixamo Fuse and Autodesk character generator to create the characters. But here is the clincher. Part of this film takes place between 1947-49 and 1960. And I'm having a heck of a time finding things that should be pretty basic. For instance a nurse uniform from the 1940s. A nun's habit {neither Fuse or Character Generator have either}. A policeman's uniform with hat {Fuse has it, Character Generator doesn't}. A plaid jumper dress {neither of them have this}. Olive drabs {Autodesk has them and Fuse doesn't}, housedress {neither of them have that} etc etc etc etc...I know that most of you are prbly shhoting for the ultra-modern and unreal. But is this possible??

PS: Attached is a photo of a vintage housedress from the 1940s to 50s. For clothing from the 1940s to 1960 check out the old "Dennis The Menace" TV show...the live version with Jay North.

Raven - 2015-11-05 23:18:47

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When will there be more tutorials?

Just wondering when there will be more. Also how do I render and image? Do I need to also use the pov-ray program?

Anon - 2015-09-20 20:59:38

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- 2015-07-28 19:53:46

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Crash problem.

Hello everyone.

I am new to Seamless3d and am still at the stage of learning the many
features and functions.

Currently i am trying to make a movie from screenshots using Seamless3d 3.003,
Ffmpeg SVN-r22716 and a .smls avatar file from the seamless3d home site.
But i am having the problem that Seamless3d crashes when i press the
output screenshot movie button. On two occasions seamless3d did not crash
and i got the expected movie file and sequentially numbered screenshots.

I have found that if i do not select the movie output type and just press make
movie from screenshots i get a nice set of sequentially numbered screenshots
every time without problem apart from the animation sometimes seizing whilst
the screenshots are being taken.

So i would like to ask if others have had Seamless3d crash in the same
situation or if i could be doing something wrong or if my computer may not be
up to the task. Your help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

I should add that i have been following the tutorial 'Making 3d animated movies
suitable for youtube tutorial' and that i do not have a media player running
when Seamless3d is running.

Squiggly - 2015-07-28 19:45:40

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Hey guys-

Need a little help here and don't know where to go. Writing a musical narrative about the life of Jim Morrison {from the Doors} and need to do some character creation. Need a male with long brown hair and blue eyes. T shirt. Jeans. Leather jacket. One version barefoot and the other with shoes. Cleanshaven. Attached is a photo of Morrison from around 1966-67. The figure wouldn't need to look exactly like that. But somewhat similar. Does Seamless have something like that?? Also need a male with long red hair and green eyes.

Raven - 2015-06-19 04:56:42

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Additional Export Options

Hi all, yuppers it's really me (moil) hope you're all keeping well.

So my question is this. could it be possible for you to add an export to DirectX (.x) option

Mikerman50© - 2015-03-21 17:13:24

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How to change one side of the face

Hi guys

How do i change one side of the face without changing the other side.
the image i am trying to produce has sort of a skew smile and id like to preserve that. any ideas?

MO - 2015-03-05 17:57:40

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Seamless3d don't runs on windows 8

Hi, I've installed Seamless on my computer today and I can't open it. It ask for DirectX8.1 o higher.

Now I'm using DirectX11. There is any solution?


Xavi - 2015-03-03 23:02:16

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Seamless3d 3.003, Water Crisis, Antechinus, Winter Vlog

Seamless3d 3.003 is ready to download.
Please see video I made to mark the occasion:
Best viewed in HD D Smile

thyme - 2014-11-19 20:38:08

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Getting started

Are there any basic sets of instructions for using the software. I've watched a couple of the tutorials and half the tools that appear in the videos don't appear for me. I'm fairly proficient in Blender, so this shouldn't flummox me, and yet

DRW - 2014-10-16 20:27:20

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New Head model

Human head (Seamless 3.002)

(same model)

Carlos - 2014-08-01 01:00:55

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Import X3D/H-Anim

Is it possible to import from X3D/H-Anim in 3.002. I can't see the File Import menu item to do this.

ronslow - 2014-07-01 14:10:19

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CAD Scanning Services: What Are Their Basic Benefits?

The profits of laser examining are frequently examined in specialized dialect. For instance, get some information about its profits to the development business, and you will likely catch wind of disintegration estimation, crane impact shirking, and evaluating volume computation and check administrations. There are likewise general profits that could be followed crosswise over different commercial enterprises and ventures, from mapping building insides to reviewing wrongdoing scenes.
Recorded underneath, these profits are what all organizations ought to think about laser filtering (a.k.a. laser studying) as they first think of it as worth. Yantram leading outsource CAD Drafting Services company provide Engineering Design Services, CAD Conversion, 2d Floor plan offers from expert CAD designer.
Possession Management
With their editable information, output documents are valuable for dealing with a building's structures, frameworks, and outline components. At an essential level, this administration can include outside rebuilding in the occasion of harm, examination and updating of building security, and administration of inside frameworks, for example, pipes and warming (e.g. crash control for funneling). Yantram Leading outsources CAD Drafting Services organization give CAD Drafting Services, CAD Scanning Service Company, CAD Drafting Company, CAD Conversion administrations, PDF to CAD Conversion.
At a more refined level, the records help building data displaying (BIM), which addresses building administration from 3d (material), 4d (time), and 5d (expense) points of view through virtual representation of outside and inside spaces. BIM rearranges building administration and lessens its cost by enhancing redesign and rebuilding arrangements, giving improved vitality examination, and connecting building materials/items with their merchants for simple requesting.
Author: Ruturaj Desai

Ruturaj Desai - 2014-06-11 07:57:52

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The Vitality of 3D Exterior Rendering UK to Building design

3d Classic room interior design UK

Today with all the headways in the field of virtual actuality and activity, not many commercial enterprises have been left untouched by these advances, in particular the structural business. Physically drawn viewpoint perspectives and hand rendering is antiquated as customers are expanding making requests for 3d inner part and 3d outer surface perspectives that looks as true as photos taken of the completed item. Yantram 3D Exterior Rendering Studio specialized in Architectural 3D Exterior London, Architectural Visualization Birmingham, Architectural animation studio Liverpool, 3D Exterior Modeling Bristol, 3d exterior rendering Sheffield, 3d Animation studio Manchester, Architectural Modeling Leeds , 3D Interior Design Leicester, 3d walkthrough Bradford, 3D Floor Plan Coventry, 3D Modeling London, 360 Virtual Tours Birmingham.
Viable correspondence to customer: It is exceptionally critical for a designer to convey to their customers precisely what they wish for from their building. Regularly a crevice is perceived between the customer's necessities and a modelers understanding of it which prompts the proposal being in a few routes unique in relation to what the customer was really searching for. This is wiped out when 3d rendering apparatuses are received. At the point when a 3d inside or 3d outer surface perspective is exhibited to the customer, he shows signs of improvement understanding of the materials and compositional peculiarities utilized as a part of the building and can judge the general impact they have on the style of configuration. In case of any errors with his necessities, progressions might be effectively made at that stage instead of after it has been developed.
It is not simply previews of the building or insides that could be produced through rendering, however to show signs of improvement understanding of the last item an entire new idea is in vogue these days that of walkthroughs. A stroll through is a sort of film a product of an arrangement of rendered pictures that permits one to travel through a building and study it as though he was really exhibit inside it. This engineering has pretty much altered the business since nothing aside from encountering the building truly could provide for one a finer feeling of the scale and feel of an outline than a walkthrough.
See At:

Ruturaj Desai - 2014-06-10 08:54:44

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Norton AV Online removed Seamless....exe

Just out of the blue I get this notice from Norton Anti-Virus Online about Seamless. I opened it and the image file is what occurred.

Dajamma - 2014-05-14 00:19:46

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Sparking Creativity in 3D Head Modelling Video

I show some of the heads I have made as a result of making it a priority to do some head modeling each day. I explain my approach to creating new characters. I show the evolution from Sophie to Lucy to Arthur and how Kiki, a face I have recently made from scratch, now influences Lucy's evolution.

thyme - 2014-04-20 14:35:25

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Character Rigging for 3D Animators Using Animation Studio

Game Character modeling Rigging USA

3D animation, character rigging, and 3D character creation made by easy way to quick, and affordable in Yantram. Our studio performed the complete animation works included character rigging. There are plenty of other opportunity to model a 3d character Rigging for you : objects such as toys, customizable dolls, representations of medieval soldiers, the reproduction of the hero of your favorite comic book or movie and TV series , but also jewels like bracelets with animals.

Game Animations companies, 3d Character Rigging, Modeling, 3D Game Model created using Maya. 3D Yantram character modelling & 3d Game Character Rigging studio for computer games, Mobile makes up an integral part of the gaming process. Much as we often take for granted these creatively detailed designs, there is always a tedious behind-the-scene effort needed to make this characters come ‘alive’ by first creating an animated 3D model in different cities like that USA, London, Los Angeles, New York, Perth, Paris,etc...

Rachana Desai - 2014-04-15 06:00:44

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Architectural 3D Rendering Services and Modern Building Construction

3d interior design

3D Rendering Dhaka is the best way to get some idea about the property. Yantram outsourcing 3D Rendering Turkey series gives perfect guidance to judge any property. Our flexible 3D Rendering Jonesburg Company has satisfied so many clients who are turning again to us for another round of Renderings.
Inclusion of executive 3D rendering Tokyo services along with visualization methods has generated a serious change in the act of marketing and creation of architectural mastery designs. Great things about using animations renderings application are loads - excellent design efficiencies, better communication and earlier error detection contributing to reduced fees and quicker turn-around occasion.
Architectural Animation Washington rendering breathes brand new life straight into design by portraying brand new designs in 3D electronic environment. New 3D render improves pattern value along with communication. The idea allows installers, clients, stakeholders along with design team to better understand the idea and beauty on the design.
3D Rendering AMSTERDAM of the architectural pattern is the obvious way to explain along with sell assembling your project. In the look phase, it supplies efficient functional tools to communicate the intended design towards client as well as shareholder as it would care for it is built.
It is possible to incorporate real-life elements for example surroundings, people, lighting, crops, color along with texture in your 3D Rendering Osaka to get them nearer to reality.
Yantram - 3D Rendering Studio Tianjin is an Indian company specialized in 3D Rendering Osaka , 3d walkthrough Dubai , 3D Floor Plan Doha , 3d rendering Studio COPENHAGEN, architectural rendering Osaka , Architectural Visualization Buenos Aires , Architectural Animation athens , 3D Architectural Rendering Bangkok , Architectural animation studio Seoul.

Rachana Desai - 2014-04-06 05:44:28

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.net version

It looks like if you have .NET 3.5 or above installed then the TTS version will run. Just thought I would pass that on. I have .NET 4.5 which is currently the newest version, and everything runs fine.

Ralph - 2014-04-04 00:58:32

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body makers

Flamegirl705 - 2014-03-29 20:00:47

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Reshaping an adult head to create a young child's head.

I like to think about the different facial features that makes a particular face look the way it does. Today I challenged myself to make a child’s head from this simple adult head I made earlier.
The most dramatic effect that made it more childlike was to squash/scale the region below the center of the eyes towards the eyes. In addition to this, I shortened the nose yet more and rounded it a bit, moved the nose and mouth back into the head a bit and puffed out the cheeks and gave it a more pointy chin.

thyme - 2014-02-26 11:40:57

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New Tutorial: Modelling Hands Step by Step Using Free Open Source Software Seamless3d 3

New tutorial for Seamless3d III done in the same easy to follow style as the modelling a human head tutorial:

You need the very latest version 3.002

thyme - 2014-02-25 00:10:17

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Seamless3d 3.002 Feady for Download

A new hands modelling tutorial will soon be uploaded. With this and future tutorials in mind, 3.002 addresses a number of issues to make Seamless3d easier to use which includes:

Easier to add Boxes and Spheres, Grouping patches more effective. Global drag dimension filter, Object mode functionality, Easier importing patches, Mirror polygon structures for BNSPE (Borderless Nurbs Surface Poly Editing) and more. For more info see:

thyme - 2014-02-24 15:15:42

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What platforms / OS does this run on?

I am getting "Seamless3D.exe is not a valid Win32 application" error when I first try to run it.

Pablo - 2014-02-02 02:41:38

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- 2014-01-28 13:04:56

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Woke up about 3 o clock in the morning and began making this, what I think might be yet another monkey Happy

thyme - 2014-01-01 12:57:46

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Non Realistic Head With Large Cartoon Style Eyes

Getting such large eyeballs to fit inside a head has been a challenge for me for quite some time but I am very happy with the results from this attempt. I started work on it yesterday.

thyme - 2013-12-22 13:34:27

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Modelling a Reindeer


Reindeer I made today much the same way I show in my modelling a human head step by step tutorial.

thyme - 2013-12-14 09:53:07

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bxx av-stdio. import crashes seamless?

Hi thyme, I tried yesterday seamless again, to view some old bxx-studio avs. Sadly it crashes seamless.

Any idea?

I also would be happy, if it would be possible to export seamless-avs in blender, or jmonkeyengine .j3o with animation, arnament, weights, etc. possible?

hermetic_cab - 2013-12-09 08:34:29

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Issues/Bugs on the new version (3.001)

Talking about the drag3dSensitivity addition. I have changed its value to its minimum "0.01" and the result is that it improves a LOT its sensitivity. But it only happens while MOVING CONTROL POINTS around the model. Other than that, working with my tablet is not possible.
Another different situation is while DRAGGING or ROTATING things in the 3D view window. Here the drag3dSensitivity´s improvement is zero, like if there is a need for another "drag3dSensitivity" control for the 3d view while dragging and rotating.

"You can change the background by clicking on the Scene node and changing its backgroundColor field."
Thank you. One more thing. How can I save this change as a default into Seamless? Opening it again it shows the previous colour.

When using the SPACE-BAR shortcut key, it stops working in all Modes, except the PolyEditMode, in which it works OK.
Open Seamless. Create an sphere. Go right into the ModellingMode, for instance.The FIRST time you hit the shortcut it WILL work OK and will show the cage mode of the sphere. Hit it again and it will toggle. Now move/drag the sphere in the 3dwindow: the shortcut key will not work any more and will be freeze to the previous action.
Following the HeadTutorial I stop at 4:10min, when applying the first Ring. The Ring was applied correctly, but when I try to change the position of the pivot point dragging the blue point, it behaves like its X,Z and Y axis were wrong: dragging the blue point DOWN, it just moves UP on the 3Dview. Dragging it to the LEFT the cursor moves to the RIGHT, and vice-versa

By the way, while using the shortcuts keys already assigned, I found out that there is a "Backface Ignore" check-box inside the Settings Panel. Is this feature the same as the "Backface Ignore" found inside the Modelling-Mode? They behave differently but have the same name.


Carlos - 2013-12-03 02:57:39

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Basic Character for Upcoming Tutorials

I have been experimenting with making very basic characters for my upcoming tutorials to show all the essentials in making an animated 3d movie. I am not sure yet if I should have fingers as I don't want to distract the beginner with too much detail but I found out recently it's much easier to add fingers than I imagined and I love the way a few fingers can add so much charm to a character even if it lacks a face Happy

thyme - 2013-11-30 10:44:11

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Seamless3d 3.001 Feady for Download

Seamless3d 3.001 is Significantly more forgiving, has a split toolbar, a skeleton edit toolbar & is ready for download

thyme - 2013-11-27 13:16:31

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3d architectural renderings

3d rendering services

The entire process of rendering 3D graphical presentation makes use of multiple technologies. In layman’s language, it means the creation of an image of a particular object in a more realistic way. For example, for those of us who are acquainted with video games, can see the difference in the images between that of 2D and a 3D game and actually compare between the two in a specific way.
A 3D game has pictures and images which look similar to the real world objects. And therefore, they are more preferred for architectural presentations, be it on an individual or commercial level.
For more information about architectural 3d rendering and also visit us on

Nickol - 2013-11-12 06:18:55

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One of the first images rendered using my ray-trace code

It took just under 3 minutes to render 1280 by 720 pixels which is very slow but I have not yet optimised the code so I am not too worried. All in all I am thrilled with the results Happy

thyme - 2013-11-09 11:03:26

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Using Sketched Images as a Guide

Sketched image made from nurbs lines used as a reference.

Two new short tutorials:

Using a Textured Rectangle as a Background Guide:

Using a Nurbs Sketch as a Guide

thyme - 2013-10-30 22:07:58

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Thanks for that new release :)

Hi thyme,

Thanks for that new release and the very good tutorial. I now have to try it. I'll tell you more in a few weeks
thanks again and please have a nice day.


Laurent - 2013-10-29 10:52:02

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Essentials of Modelling a Head in 30 Seconds Using Free Open Source Software Seamless3d

Right click on the following link to download the Seamless3d file for the tutorial:

The transcript has been hand edited so if you have trouble understanding my spoken words, click on the transcript button below the video.
No short cut keys are used so you almost do not need to understand my words except were I say: Click to set it (the line)

thyme - 2013-10-24 12:52:52

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Issues on the new version


Where is the right place to post issues related to the last version?


Carlos - 2013-10-23 16:40:16

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