Thyme's Favorite Songs

What I very much like about modelling with Seamless3d III, where most of the work revolves around dragging control points from different orientations, is it is more of an intuitive experience rather than an intellectually demanding one. Because of this I can listen to music while I am getting work done. When things are going well and when I am loving the music, modelling can be a real thrill.

Like many people, I grew up listening to songs that charted and developed a love for a few songs each year. However, after a certain point, I stopped listening to new music and instead preferred to listen to songs I already knew and loved. I wondered if I was being too dismissive of current music and decided to make more of an effort to listen to new songs. It wasn’t until 2012, when I started using seamless3d every day to practice my head modelling skills, that I found I had the time to listen to a lot more music. With the internet at my disposal, I had access to a vast array of songs from all over the world. I added two new songs to my play-list each day. Unless I really disliked a song, I wouldn’t delete it from my play-list until it had been listened to 10 times. As a result of this practice, I grew to appreciate many new songs that I hadn’t known existed.

Of course, everyone has different tastes in music, but I hope this list will be of some value. Each song listed here is a small selection filtered from thousands of songs that I have given a good amount of time listening to.

Since 2022, I have been adding four new songs instead of two to my playlist each day. While this means that I don’t give new songs as much time as before, it frees up my time to give more songs a chance of being listened to. As a result, I have been able to discover even more new songs that I love from around the world.

Songs list last updated 13th of May 2023


















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