Exporting the Scene as a Wrl

So that the avatar or the world can be opened by a VRML browser such as Blaxxun Contact, Bitmanagement Contact, Cortona, Flux Player or Octagar Player, open the scene tree by clicking on the tool bar.

Select the Scene node in the Scene tree

and click the output button to create the wrl.

With the scene node's fields set to the settings as shown above, a wrl file will be generated in the same folder as the smls file (open this folder by clicking openOutputFolder) with the same name as the smls file except the extension will be a .wrl instead of a .smls

Note. Contact 6 and up does not have this problem but for contact 5.1, wrl files can not be opened from folders that contain spaces in the path. To overcome this problem you can make a folder in your root directory, for example


and use this folder to keep all your smls and and output wrl files.

Note: Unless you have added an Avatar PROTO manually, in order to ensure an avatar will output corectly for blaxxun multi user worlds, you should have a GestureGroup in the Scene , with or without it containing Anim nodes.


For info on exporting the scene with other output settings, see the Scene node.

and Browser Avatar Compatibility Test for some examples.

See Taking a Pov-Ray Screen Shot for exporting a scene for Pov-Ray.


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