Importing Blaxxun Avatar Studio Avatars

Seamless3d can import both Blaxxun and Numedia Avatar Studio Avatars.

To import the avatar from the wrl file:

Move the mouse to the top left of the 3d window to open the F10 menu and select:

Select the file you wish to import and click on the Open button


Click the Anim's play button to see the first gesture play.

If you open the scene tree window and scroll down the scene to where the rest of the Anim nodes are located any of the gestures can be selected and played.


New accessory parts can be easily imported taking advantage of seamless's import part feature. When importing parts for avs that use textures make sure the parts you add are texture mapped as well.
If you do not know how to texture map yet life may be easier if you replace the TextureEffect node with a ColorEffect node. This is easily done by right clicking on the TextureEffect node and selecting:

Animation Problems with Imported Blaxxun Avatar Studio Avatars
Though it is unlikely there is a better program than seamless3d for editing imported VRML skin animated models, avatars made specifically for Seamless3d are going to be much simpler to animate compared to imported blaxxun avatar studio avs. Blaxxun Avatar Studio avatars use 2 parts for the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees and so they use 2 interpolator nodes for each of these joints. This makes animating them much more cumbersome than when having just one part per joint like the way avs are generally made when using Seamless from scratch. Though my showcase avs have less parts per joint, their joints animate more smoothly because they have a greater concentration of vertices in the regions where they bend and because these vertices take advantage of the coordGroup and weight fields. These fields in effect create extra sub parts behind the scenes but because this is all kept hidden from the user the user only has to deal with the parts shown in the scene tree window.

An alternative to using the parts how they are imported from a  blaxxun avatar studio avatar is to re-create the parts from scratch for the mesh. This can be done by turning the imported av into a static model and then bring it back to life as shown in the tutorial:

Bringing Static Models to Life 

Outputting the Avatar as a Static Model

To turn the imported blaxxun avatar into a static model, output the av with no interpolators existing in the scene. This causes Seamless3d to output the avatar as a simple static model containing no scripts if the scene node is set to the following prior to pressing the output button:

The static model will NOT be displayed collapsed if the wrl is opened in a vrml browser.

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