How to turn a wrl file into a Blaxxun multi-user world
  • First download my multi-user example file.
  • Unzip the file and put the contents into a new empty folder.
  • Add your world file/s to this folder.
  • The only file that needs to be modified in this folder is ccpro.bxx. Open it with notepad.
  • Replace the text "Welcome to my simple world" to what ever welcoming message you like.
  • Replace the two lots of text "Simple multi-user Example" with the title of your world. (both lots of text must be exactly the same)
  • Replace the filename "triangle.wrl" with your wrl filename.
  • Save the file and exit notepad.
  • Upload all of the files in the folder to your web site.

If followed exactly as above your world should now be multi-user.

The URL to use to get to your multi-user world should be for the contact.htm file.

You can get additional options from Blaxxun's site

Copyright© 2000-2006 Graham Perrett