Seamless3d Avatars
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These avatars are made to encourage people to use Seamless3d. Anyone is welcome to modify these avatars and make them your own. If you use these avatars an acknowledgement of this site on your website would be very much appreciated but it is not required. For instructions for how to use these avatars in Seamless Chat.

Lucy Brown Shirt Blue Shorts & Boots Lucy Single Grey Suit Lucy Blue Bikini Tassels
Lucy White Bikini, Ribbons & Bunches Lucy White Bikini, Fringe & Ears Lucy White Bikini, Brunette & Ears Lucy Blue Bikini

Lucy Blue Bikini RP (Reduced Poly) Lucy Blue Bikini DRP (Drastically Reduced Poly) Zoe Red Mini Skirt
Zoe Grey Trousers
Zoe Blue Bikini Nurbs Patch Av Nurbs Lathe Av

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