3D Virtual Reality Worlds

For many years Blaxxun allowed artists to showcase their 3d artwork on their multi-user home community server for free with few if any artistic restrictions. However the Blaxxun platform was dependent on non open source software and after Blaxxun was declared bankrupt in early 2002, the two main developers Peter Graf and Holger Grahn left the company and Blaxxun's pace of development stalled. The uncertainty that lead up to the bankruptcy prompted the creation of seamless chat but because the Blaxxun community server continued to run, most of Seamless3d's development remained focused on advancing its modeling capabilities untill after the Blaxxun home community server finally went out of service in 2008. Since then seamless chat has been in repid  development. Because seamless chat is open source software under the MIT license (both server and client), the technology is not at the mercy of any single commercial or non commercial organization, is immune from bankruptcy and offers freedom to both commerce and the non commercial artist.

I am in the process of recreating my worlds for seamless chat. If you log into seamless chat you can visit Techuelife Island of what I have converted so far.

You can also visit some of my worlds on other 3d multi-user platforms:

ExitReality ABnet Robotica