10-1-2003 10:27 GMT

Seamless 2.000 ****

12-1-2003 10:34 GMT

Seamless 2.001 Update ****

I have been working on the menu and fixed a number of bugs including the bug that would make seamless crash if u used NewSmlsFile to start a new project from scratch. However since fixing these bugs error prone found yet more bugs that would have made it difficult to do this simple tutorial so I spent the rest of the day fixing them, I hope all will be ok now for version 2.001 (which u will need for this lesson) for us to proceed with the next quick lesson in leaning Seamless II :)

Introducing the Stem  Node

 14-1-2003 21:42 GMT
Seamless 2.002 Update ****

Yesterday mikerman50 and I did the tutorial for the Stem node one to one via msn and miranda has managed to get Seamless II to run after some trouble with her video card settings but is working now fine after changing her card to 16 bit color depth :) Two friends made a start using Seamless II, many thanks :)

Introducing the SurfaceGenorator and SineTug  Nodes

 16-1-2003 14:20 GMT
Seamless 2.003 Update ****

With version 2.003 downloaded we can carry on from yesterday's work. Sorry I thought there would be no need for a new version of seamless for this lesson but Error Prone with her great skill at detecting bugs found a very bad bug in Seamless 2.002 making 2.003 esential for today's lesson.

Introducing the ColorSweep  Node


21-1-2003 16:04 GMT
Seamless 2.004 Update ****

Thanks very much to gil the b, SOLE and mikerman50 for completing the last lessons on using the SineTug and ColorSweep nodes. This makes writing the tutorials and trying to make seamless have some rhyme to it's design a lot more meaningful :)

Introducing the CCLathe  (Circular Curve Lathe) Node to Generate Curvy Shapes

27-1-2003 19:37 GMT
Seamless 2.005 Update ****

Introducing the SurfaceTransform node and the BranchJoin nodes  to Generate Seamless Joins (Tangent Matched Curve Joins)

28-1-2003 12:47 GMT
Seamless 2.006 Update ****
Error Prone found some bugs regarding the Part node's ability to toggle from showing to not showing in 2.005 and more seriously she also found that Seamless 2.005 would crash if the program was left with the parts toggled off (dash) when closed and then restarted. These bugs have been fixed for 2.006

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