Seamless 2.029 Update **3D modelling software**

Compiled 3-12-2003 15:48 Sydney Australia Time

There has perhaps been more features added to 2.029 than any other update so far since the first release of seamless 2.000 at the beginning of this year. Looking back over the year I can see how my updates must be boring to read so I will try hard to keep this monster update as brief as I can.

I have written a new tutorial:
Making high quality skin animated creations using a Minimalist Approach

Milestones past for 2.029

New Seamless Nodes added:

The templateOutput file has been done away with.
ColorEffect and TextureEffect nodes replace the use of Appearance nodes for the Seamless node
the JoinVertex node has been changed so that it uses coordIndex indices instead of coord indices. This has been done to allow control over both coord and color or texCoord values in the joining vertices.
A bug ziggy found in 2.027 that caused the 3d shapes to be displayed black for some video cards has i hope been fixed in 2.029 Many thanks to miranda for the number of test she carried out in helping me avoid this bug.

Seamless 2.030 Update ****

Compiled 4-12-2003 16:23 Sydney Australia Time

Sorry I found out later 2.029 would not run on any one's computer unless they had a certain file that only exists on my computer!
After 3 days of delay stressing out making sure 2.029 would be the stable version anyone could use at least for the minimalist tutorial I some how managed to slip up uploading the official 2.029 as an unrunable program, something I have done more than once before heheh what can I say, I am error prone's son
The correction 2.030 is ready for download
fingers crossed


Seamless 2.031 Update ****

Compiled 6-12-2003 15:34 Sydney Australia Time

I found a bug in regard to one of the minimalist functions, paste ownership (changing the part a vertex belongs to). The function it self did not have the bug and does not show any thing bad immediately after use. If the user saved everything and then opened their work afresh or if they just used certain functions after a transfer ownership function all would have been fine but if a vertex was immediately  tugged afterwards the display would show the triangles all messed up which would make anyone encountering the bug think their work has been lost when in fact it could still be saved without any loss to the  integrity of the data. Sorry for any los of work if anyone has experienced this bug by not saving as a result of seeing mayhem. Its fixed now for 2.031
Hoping this might motivate someone to start by showing I am on the same level as everyone else, here is my hand work so far using minimalist functions anyone can use, now started the first triangles for the torso :)

Still no questions from anyone in regard to the minimalist tutorial so I can only assume all is going well or no one has started it yet!

Seamless 2.032 Update
Compiled 9-12-2003 5:31 Sydney Australia Time
Increment and decrement vertex index was found to be not in working order so was corrected

Seamless 2.033 Update
Compiled 17-12-2003 2:19 Sydney Australia Time
Paste ownership for close vertices then join has been corrected to allow this to work for more than one part like before which was very usefull and a number of other bugs have been found and corrected but I have found some new bugs have crept in for textured work which remain uncorrected

Seamless 2.034 Update
Compiled 30-12-2003 6:10 Sydney Australia Time
Made changes to cursor. There is no longer the need for the concept of a  3d cursor and a 2d cursor as the mouse now automatically turnes into a 3d cursor when a vertex is clicked on adn dragged and turns back to 2d cursor after tugging has stoped. Also added new experimntal real time radial tug controlled by mouse
With the help of bumpy Seamless3d should be windows 2000 friendly now.

Seamless 2.035 Update
Compiled 30-12-2003 13:03 Sydney Australia Time
Fixed bug that made mouse stop work after scene tree was opened

Seamless 2.036 Update
Compiled 7-01-2004 21:08 Sydney Australia Time
Fixed a number of bugs
Added delete layered triangles command so that triangles that use the same 3 vertices as another triangle can be removed. Layered triangles can result in triangles that can never be seen which results in efficiency loss when rendering with no gain.

Seamless 2.037 Update
Compiled 10-01-2004 05:48 Sydney Australia Time
Made it so that when no ROUTEs are sent to a Part belonging to a Seamless node the vertices for that Seamless node are statically transformed when outputted.

Seamless 2.038 Update
Compiled 13-01-2004 10:18 Sydney Australia Time

I just found that there was a bug in 2.037 and probably 2.036 that messed up the z location of a vertex when ever a vertex was dragged. This is fixed for 2.038. Its a shame so few people like to ask questions about seamless if more did I would find bugs like this faster but most probably wonder why don't I test things out more before uploading but this is a lot of work for me to do on top of programming (I do test it of course when I use it but seamless has so many functions and its so easy to miss something even important functions for weeks if its not what i am using in seamless for the time)
I also wonder now if this bug would have made my animation tutorial not make any sense in some places for 2.037.


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