Survival Guide

If Seamless Wont Open any More

If seamless wont open anymore but use to, go to the folder:

My Documents\Seamless3d\Application Data For Seamless3d

and delete the seamless3dSetup.smls file.

Crashes and Undo/Redo

You can Undo and Redo using the buttons from the tool bar but do not rely on this without backing up your work manually because nothing is 100% reliable especially in a cutting edge program like seamless3d. If Seamless crashes unexpectedly you can usually retrieve your work. Go to the folder:

My Documents\Seamless3d\Application Data For Seamless3d\Recover

In here there will be all the smls files that get backed up after each command.

The incremental numbers for the filenames and the date of the file can help to figure which file was what.

Asking Questions on the Forum

Help is always on hand at the forum. Seamless3d specific questions are much valued but please use the forum rather than posting emails directly to me if possible because questions on the forum help to keep the forum alive and so your questions will in turn help this free open software flourish. Please don't feel concerned about asking silly questions, the forum is there to help. If there is any point in a tutorial where you are unsure or would like to understand something better, ask away.

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